Patients Stories

Hello from Michael Tomlinson in Gloucester, England, UK.

 I have been sent the details of your site by Sasha Rodoy who I  am communicating with regarding my,and others eyes being butchered by the industry. In my case I had Lasik to both eyes in Dec' 2000 with a company called Ultralase in Birmingham England. Just prior to those operations was he last time I ever "saw" properly. I have huge starbursts,ghosting,haloes and poor visual acuity especially at night, as when looking at an orange streetlight at night it's as though I'm looking through scratched plastic. I went to a second company in 2006 called Accuvision at Solihull in England for help with my vision problems and, to cut a long story short, they conned me into having second ops to my eyes which involved the cutting of new (deeper) lasik flaps which made no difference to my quality of vision whatsoever. I've seen 3 further surgeons since then and my problems are caused by wrinkles/striae in the original outer lasik flaps according to Dan Reinstein at The London Vision Clinic. He can only offer me a trial op to one eye at a cost of £4600 to do a phototherapeautic PTK procedure to smooth the wrinkles with no certainty of outcome. I couldn't have the original flaps lifted and smoothed back down due to what Accuvision did as Dan Reinstein says it would be unwise with a second flap having been cut, so Accuviion ruined a chance of me having a procedure that might've helped me. They never mentioned that  I had wrinkles/striae when I saw them for my consultation in 2006. I will not countenance further surgery till a more certain cure is available.

 I am absolutely horrified to find out that many people have had this RK procedure and that it has ruined so many peoples eyes/lives as with other refractive surgeries.The ruining of tens, if not hundreds of thousands of peoples eyes worldwide by this industry is the great medical scandal of the late 20th/early 21st centuries and will be exposed and judged to be so as it is bound to come out very soon with the amount of lives that have been ruined. Before I first had contact with Sasha Rodoy earlier this year I had sent my story to national daily newspapers and investigative TV programs with no success whatsoever of anyone wanting to expose this scandal. Sasha is putting a huge effort into getting this matter dealt with, and she's an absolute godsend for the people in this country whose eyes have been butchered.

 I can only express my deepest sympathy for all those whose lives have been ruined by RK, and I hope that with the growing pressure of people like Sasha in this country and others elswhere that something can be done for all those affected.

 I have seen that artificial bio-corneas are under development and I have had contact with scientist May Griffith, who is part of a team working on a collagen cornea that allows nerve re-growth. It is however, early days yet as stage one trials have been completed by surgeon Per Fagerholm in Sweden. According to the information I have seen a bus driver got his licence back after having one of these corneas put in his damaged/diseased eye.

 Hopefully technological advances will be able to help us all be free from this nightmare in the not too distant future.

 Regards, Michael Francis Tomlinson aged 51 yrs