"Vascularization of incision scars : Most refractive keratotomy scars heal without vascularization.  Events that stimulate vascularization of the scar include incisions across the limbus, wearing of contact lenses— particularly extended wear soft lenses, cautery at the limbus, and inflammation or infection in the scars."

Refractive Keratotomy, George O Waring -1992

"In the PERK study 1 year after surgery, 1.5% of the incisions demonstrated vascularization, not extending more than 1 mm ,but after 3 years, progression of vascularization was noted in 16 eyes (3.6%), extending 5% to 50% of the length of the incisions.  All but three of these patients had worn a contact lens....Most vascularization of the wounds occurs subepithelially, but if a stromal vascularization is induced, the patient may be at a higher risk of allograft reaction if a penetrating keratoplasty is needed in the future."

Dr George O Waring III, Refractive Keratotomy - 1992

This photo shows how the blood vessels can follow the RK scars.

Brent Jesperson-neovascularisation to entrance pupil
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